Meet the Little Chicks of Featherland!



The Little Chicks of Featherland are the coolest chicks on the block, or on the farm should we say. We want you to meet them all and soon you’ll be having a blast with them, as they show you the right path to take in life, oh and let’s not forget, you’ll have some serious fun too!

So who are these cool characters? Let’s take a look!

Brenza, the Brainy Chick

Brenza, the Brainy Chick shines bright in orange, just as bright as those ideas of hers. She is sure to keep you on your toes with her words of wisdom and that super sharp brain of hers. How can one chick be so brainy? Well she certainly is that’s for sure. She’s super, super smart and likes to dabble in some fun learning and pass on her gold nuggets of information. She might sprout forth some big words, but don’t worry, you’ll know all about them soon enough. If you want answers, Brenza is your one-stop shop with her cool cat facts and information. She might not know everything yet, but if she doesn’t she’ll find the answer as she loves learning so much. Try her out, give her a challenge and see what she comes back with! She sure likes to make calculations, and reading, well it’s her world…that’s where all her brain waves come from. But just because she’s clever, it certainly doesn’t mean she’s dull…oh no, not at all. She is an adventure seeking chick to beat all others! She’s a school loving, library addict who likes to play around on computers, just to add to that amazing knowledge of hers. If you can’t see her, you’ll certainly hear her saying “According to my calculations…”

Kreza, the Crazy Chick

Kreza is one crazy, wild and jolly child, with bright red feathers to add to her craziness! But crazy is good, as if you’re bold, you can help people out, which is what Kreza is all about! Even though she’s a bit crazy she really cares…you’ll always find her helping the other chicks out and she’s a great listener too. So if you’ve got a problem, then here she is, ready to help. You’ll spot her from a mile away, with her mad accent and the bright green color that she loves so much. Now just to show how crazy Kreza is, give her a few vegetables and fruits and she turns into a tornado of activity, her cool superpower, destroying everything in her path, but give her some fast food and she’s as calm as anything! You’ll always hear her saying “That was ridiculously amazing!” Well we like that…amazing is good. She loves life and you’ll love spending time with this wild jolly chick too!

Funza, the Funny Chick

If you want funny and fun too, well say hello to Funza! You see, Funza has to be funny…he’s the only boy with four sisters! Goodness can you imagine being the only boy? He has a lot of fun with his sisters, to keep him sane, and of course just to have fun too, as that’s his game! He’s bright yellow, so you’re sure to see him running around the farm, telling anyone and anyone a joke when they’ll listen! Take a wild guess what he lives on? Popcorn and chocolate…no way! We’re going to have to teach him a thing or two about healthy eating, or maybe Sprinta, the Sporty Chick, can help her brother out here. Whatever you’re doing Funza, the Funny Chick will find the funny side of anything and everything. At least you know you won’t be bored hanging out with him! Everyone loves Funza as he keeps those jokes rolling in to keep everyone happy and he always knows the best thing to say to make someone feel good! Funza is funny, but he’s super cool too…he sports a strut like Charlie Chaplin and he’s got one seriously infectious laugh…just hearing him, will have you rolling on the floor laughing too! He’s got some awesome fighting powers but just watch out for roads as he will always cross them. If you wanna know what you’ll hear coming out of his mouth, it’s always going to be, “Do you want to hear something funny?” We sure do…

Sprinta, the Sporty Chick

If you’re looking for someone to help you keep fit and healthy then Sprinta, the Sporty Chick is the one to hang out with…and she’s also seriously into some cool adventures and exploring. Who knows what could happen when you hang out with. With her super awesome blue feathers, you’ll know her when you see her. She’s super-fast and speedy, so keep your eyes peeled and see if you can keep up. She just loves all the other little chicks…she keeps them together, keeps them motivated and always makes sure that they work together as a team, to get the best stuff done. She just loves motorcycles, working out and eating. She eats a lot, you’ll be surprised for this super-fit chick, but that’s because she’s always on the move! She transforms into super chick and is like a blue flash of lightning. You’ll hear her cheering everyone on saying, “We can do it!” Oh yes we can! Get ready for a whirlwind of excitement!

Pritta, the Pretty Chick

Pritta, the Pretty Chick is not just extremely pretty, she’s one of the kindest and caring chicks around. Her friends just love her as she’s always smiling, looking super stylish and she certainly knows what looks good and what doesn’t. Her favorite color might be hard to guess. Okay, maybe not, it’s that dazzling pink and you will see her coming for miles around, dressed up always looking her best. But she has a little surprise up that pretty sleeve of hers. Can you guess what her superpower is? She can actually breathe fire, yes, breathe fire. How on earth does she do that? Well she loves red caviar, hot jalapeno peppers and chili seeds, and all these together help that fire come out of her mouth to protect herself. How cool is that? She also likes a bit of retail therapy, where she can often be seen in the shoe department or the make-up department, all in the name of the latest fashion trends! So, what’s her famous saying? “Chick me out!” You’ll want to as well, to find out how style is done!

So there they all are, our Little Chicks of Featherland and now you know all about them. Now that you know what they’re all about, it’s time to start having some super cool fun with them! Watch out for some awesome adventures coming your way!


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