Sporty Chick

This chick is extremely into health and fitness with everything she does.
She is a superb motivator, and believes in the power of a team, so she encourages her friends to cooperate, work together, and stick by each other through thick and thin. She moves fast, though, so you are going to want to keep an eye out for her or you will miss her. Her hobbies include motorcycles, working out, and eating (since she is always on the move, she is almost always hungry). This blue flash of fitness is always up for a high-level adventure.
Whether you want to get in shape or go out and explore the world, this chick is always up for the challenge.


Favorite color: Blue

Likes: Extreme sports, running,food, hip-hop music

Dislikes: Junk food, laziness, homework, the rain

Superpowers: Transforms into Super Chick

Catchphrase: We can do it!

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