Little Chicks of Featherland book series – releasing soon!

About Featherland

Little Chicks of Featherland is an American animated cartoon, games and book series created by Shani – Suju and dedicated to promoting positive values and enriching every child’s imagination through multiple venues. Whether the children are watching Little Chicks of Featherland on television, playing the game, learning to read, or playing with our plush toys, there is always something new and exciting for your child to learn.

The Little Chicks of Featherland consistently strive to help children make good choices in their own lives by showing them the right moral path. At the same time, they provide a loveable, fun, and educational form of entertainment

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Little chicks of featherland series – releasing soon!

It’s a beautiful day and the little Chicks and Mother Hen go on a picnic. They are having such a good time until hawk, weasel, and fox show up to ruin their day. How will they get back to the safety of the farm? Join the Little Chicks of Featherland as they learn an important lesson about cooperation and creative thinking.

The little Chicks are very excited. Teacher Dog has decided to hold a talent show with a boat ride as the grand prize. But the show isn’t going quite as the little Chicks have planned. Join the Little Chicks of Featherland as they learn how to make the best of any situation.


The Chicks gather together to build a fort in the yard, but no one can agree on what the fort should look like. Join the Little Chicks of Featherland as they learn about teamwork, creativity, and being careful.

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