Funny Chick

Living on popcorn and chocolate bars, Funny Chick is always in it for a good time. This Chick will always give you a chuckle, because no matter what you are doing, he always has the ability to look on the humorous side of any situation. Other chicks love to be around him because he is fun, energetic, and supportive of his siblings andĀ friends, he is the only boy in a family of four sisters; he always knows just what to say to cheer them up. With a trademark/unique strut like Charlie Chaplin and an infectious laugh, this little chick has some awesome fighting powers. Just be sure you watch out for roads when you are with Funny Chick, because no matter what, this chicken will have the need to cross it!


Favorite color: Yellow

Likes: Joke books, traveling, funny masks, squirting flowers,whoopee cushions

Dislikes: Cars, trucks, skunks,broccoli, cauliflower

Superpowers: Fighting power

Catchphrase: Wanna hear something funny?

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