Crazy Chick

If you love to party, then Crazy Chick is the friend for you. She is compassionate and friendly, as well as a great listener who is always helping out another chick in need. Her favorite color is green, so with her unique accent, and her wild personality,you are sure to be able to spot her from a mile away. Ironically, she is calm when she eats her favorite junk-food, but give her fruits and vegetables and she will turn into a tornado, destroying everything in her path! So make sure you really need her powers, because they are just as crazy as Crazy Chick herself.Sometimes she can get a little too crazy and if she sees too many colors at one time, she may get dizzy, so use her powers with caution.


Favorite color: Red

Likes:Junk food, springtime, talking,drawing

Dislikes: Sleeping, math, smelly feet, bullies

Superpowers: Transforms into wild tornado

Catchphrase: That was ridiculously amazing!

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